Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope
This journal publishes research from various topics in Accounting and Finance, limited topics consist of:

  • Finance
  • Public sector accounting
  • Taxation
  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Auditing
  • Accounting information systems.

 Article published in Jurnal Ilmiah Akuntansi dan Keuangan is determined through the blind review process conducted by editor and reviewer of Jurnal Ilmiah Akuntansi dan Keuangan. This process considers several factors such as the relevance of the article and its contribution to the development of business and management practices and profession as well as compliance with the requirement of a published article. Editor and reviewer provide evaluation and constructive suggestions for the author.

Peer Review Process

Jurnal Ilmiah Akuntansi dan Bisnis uses a double-blind review process. All manuscripts will initially be pre-reviewed by the editors for the basic requirements and suitability for the journal, before being sent to a minimum of two independent peer reviewers. Comments and recommendations from the reviewers help the editor to decide whether or not to publish the articles in our journal. The editor will have the final decision about whether to accept or reject the article. The editor may request the author to revise the article before making the final decision.
Review Process:
1. An author submits the manuscript
2. Editor Evaluation/ Pre-review (some manuscripts are rejected or returned before the review process)
3. The double-blind peer review process
4. Editor Decision
5. Confirmation to the authors
All manuscripts will be screened for similarity check using Turnitin

Publication Frequency

The Jurnal Ilmiah Akuntansi dan Keuangan is published by the P4M STIE Putra Bangsa. It is published twice times a year (January and July), Number 1 and 2 . Since 2017 edition, each issue comprises of six articles.

Open Access Policy

Articles are freely available to the public without any subscription with permitted reuse. For open access articles, permitted third party (re)use is defined by the following Creative Commons user licenses: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-SA).

Article Download Statistics

Each time our article is dowloaded, we provide for statistic downloading reports. As illustration, please find the following example here.

Author Fees

This journal charges the following author fees.

Article Submission: 0.00 (IDR) Authors are required to pay an Article Submission Fee as part of the submission process to contribute to review costs.

Fast-Track Review: 0.00 (IDR) With the payment of this fee, the review, editorial decision, and author notification on this manuscript is guaranteed to take place within 4 weeks.

Article Publication: 300000.00 (IDR) If the Author wants a printed version, it is charged an additional fee 100,000 IDR/Eksp (including post)