Fokus Bisnis : Media Pengkajian Manajemen dan Akuntansi <p>Scientific journal in Economic, Accounting and Management</p> P4M STIE Putra Bangsa en-US Fokus Bisnis : Media Pengkajian Manajemen dan Akuntansi 1693-5209 CYBERLOAFING SEBAGAI STRATEGI MENGATASI KEBOSANAN KERJA <p>Cyberloafing has been considered as a form of opposite / unproductive work behavior (CWB) that can endanger organizations. This study takes a different view that cyberloafing can show a potentially positive function in this context that can help employees overcome boredom at work. The sample of this study was 70 administrative employees at junior high schools in Kebumen which were taken randomly. By using PLS assistance we tested the relationship between low work underload on cyberloafing and counter-productive behavior with boredom as mediators. The results of the study indicate boredom mediates the work underload and cyberloafing relationship. Cyberloafing is used by employees as a coping strategy (adaptive behavior) to overcome work boredom compared to counter-productive behavior&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Keywords: Cyberloafing, work underload, kebosanan, counter productive work behavior<br>(CWB)</p> Siti Nur Azizah Harini Abrilia Setyawati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-29 2019-07-29 18 1 1 7 10.32639/fokusbisnis.v18i1.301 PENGARUH STRATEGI GREEN TOURISM DIFFERENTIATION TERHADAP KEPUASAN DAN MINAT KUNJUNG ULANG WISATAWAN HUTAN MANGROVE DI KABUPATEN KEBUMEN <p>Differentiation of green tourism towards satisfaction and interest in tourists visiting mangroves in Kebumen District. In 2017 Kebumen Regency is developing the natural tourism sector, one of which is the tourism of mangrove forests which is designated as ecotourism. Based on the number of visitor reports, which is known to occur in a significant number of visitors. Some visitors are visitors who visit again. For this reason, it is necessary to examine the marketing strategy development model that is able to assess factors that can increase competitiveness and tourist visits, as a basis for developing natural tourism in other natural attractions. The research methods used are quantitative descriptive surveys. The population in this study is mangrove tourists who have visited more than twice in one year. The sampling technique in this study uses convenience sampling. The statistical test tool used is path analysis with the help of the SPSS version 22 program.<br>Keywords: Green Differentiation Tourism, Satisfaction, Revisiting Interests.</p> Marynta Putri Pratama Sigit Wibawanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-29 2019-07-29 18 1 8 15 10.32639/fokusbisnis.v18i1.285 The Analisis Job Satisfaction, Job Insecurity dan Turn Over Intention Studi kasus pada PT Indomarco Prismatama Magelang <p>Good human resource management needs to be done in order to retain employees who show performance so they do not have the desire to leave and or resign (turnover intention) to other companies and or competitors. The objectives of this study are: (1) To find out and analyze Job Satisfaction of PT Indomarco Prismatama employess in Magelang City; (2) Know and analyze Job insecurity of employees of PT Indomarco Prismatama in Magelang City; (3) Know and analyze Turnover Intention of employees of PT Indomarco Prismatama in Magelang City. This research is a quantitative descriptive research using the employees of PT Indomarco Prismata- ma in Magelang City, the research is based upon 50 respondents who are permenant employress of PT. Indomarco Prrsmatama in Magelang City. The analytical method used in the research is descriptive statistical analysis. The results of the analysis show that on average, with regards to Job Satisfaction; employees felt very good at PT Indomarco Prismatama in Magelang City. However, Job Insecurity at PT Indomarco Prismatama in Magelang City is low, and turnover intention of PT Indomarco Prismatama employees in Magelang City is low.</p> <p>Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Job Insecurity, Turnover Intention</p> Mohamad Irfatah Agustaria Kurniawati Nur Wening ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-29 2019-07-29 18 1 16 25 10.32639/fokusbisnis.v18i1.315 ANALISIS PERANAN USAHA KECIL DAN MENENGAH TERHADAP PENYERAPAN TENAGA KERJA DI KABUPATEN KEBUMEN <p>This research aims to analyze the factors that influence the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on employment, namely capital, sales volume, type of business, length of business, and wages. Empirical data is presented to prove that the role of small and medium enterprises on employment is influenced by capital, sales volume, type of business, length of business, and wages. Multiple regression analysis through the SPSS program was used as a research test tool. The research data was obtained from SMEs businesses, Central Bureau of Statistics and the SMEs Office to test scientifically whether capital, sales volume, type of business, duration of business, and wages affect employment. Research results show that the duration of the business influences the absorption of labor while capital, sales volume, type of business, and wages do not affect employment.</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong>: <em>SMEs, capital, sales volume, type of business, length of business, wages</em></p> Anton Prasetyo Miftahul Huda ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-29 2019-07-29 18 1 26 35 10.32639/fokusbisnis.v18i1.309 STRATEGI PEMBERDAYAAN KEWIRAUSAHAAN MANTAN BURUH MIGRAN PEREMPUAN DI KABUPATEN KEBUMEN <p>This study examines the entrepreneurial empowerment strategy of former female migrant workers who are members of the Village community concerned with Migrant Workers. After returning from work abroad, former female migrant workers again experienced an economic downturn, making it difficult to meet basic family needs. This study aims to determine the economic conditions of former female migrant workers after returning, strategies for fulfilling post-return life needs, and entrepreneurial empowerment strategies carried out by various institutions.</p> <p>This research approach uses a descriptive qualitative approach. Data collection techniques using observation techniques, in-depth interview techniques, and library studies and documentation. Taking informants is done by using informant techniques aimed at. Data analysis used the Miles and Huberman analysis model which consisted of data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing.</p> <p>The results showed that the entrepreneurial empowerment process of former female migrant workers was carried out because there were indications of weakening economic conditions after stopping work abroad. The goal of empowering former migrant workers is to alleviate economic weakness because it is seen that it still has the potential to be able to regain power in meeting economic needs. The empowerment process carried out by cross institutions is well integrated, where each institution coordinates with each other to complement each other's empowerment programs. The synergy of entrepreneurial empowerment carried out on former female migrant workers in Kebumen District has resulted in improved capabilities such as operating business activities, completing business licenses, increasing production capacity, expanding market reach, networking with other communities, increasing turnover and profits, and continuously being encouraged to develop.<br>Keywords: Empowerment, Former Female Migrant Workers, Entrepreneurship</p> Joko Fitra Dani Rizana ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-29 2019-07-29 18 1 36 42 10.32639/fokusbisnis.v18i1.305 ANALISIS FAKTOR-FAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI MINAT NASABAH MENABUNG DI BANK JATENG SYARIAH <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p>This study aims to determine the factors that influence customers' interest in saving at Jateng Syariah Bank. This study uses quantitative research methods, non-probability sampling techniques can be obtained through purposive sampling. The population in this study was a customer at Purwokerto Syariah Bank Jateng and was 17 years old. Samples in this study were 170 respondents. The research method used in this study is validity test, reliability test, classic assumption test, multiple regression analysis, coefficient of determination, F test, t test. Location has no significant negative effect on saving interest, Service has a significant positive effect on saving interest, Knowledge has a significant positive effect on saving interest, Promotion has no significant positive effect on saving interest, Product has no significant positive effect on saving interest, Price has no significant positive effect on interest save.<br> <br> Keywords: Location, Service, Knowledge, Promotion, Product, Price, Interest in saving</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Akhmad Darmawan Ninik Dewi Indahsari Sri Rejeki Muhammad Rizqie Aris Roqi Yasin ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 18 1 43 52 10.32639/fokusbisnis.v18i1.296